2011 – Recap of Labor

P1080503OK….so the picture does not match the title exactly, but if you just read a little further….In my one of my Santa Rosa JC Vineyard classes they mentioned that some high end organic vineyards spent 700 hours/acre of manpower every year. Well, I added up all the work in 2011 and it turns out that I did 360 hours and hired 275 hours for a total of 635 hours. And, we didn’t even harvest or do a lot of pruning. About 360 hours was spent weeding, and I hope this number goes down given all the weed cloth and mulch that I put down.

So…..is roundup healthy for humans? In my case…..very much so. Since we are organic and don’t use roundup for weeds (use in the US is over 100M pounds/year) I spent over 200 hours in 2011 in the vineyard weeding. OK, not your favorite hobby, but that is at least 4 hours/week exercising. It kept my weight in check, gave me time to think and when I actually looked around, was a view most folks would pay to see! So…..this is perhaps the only time you will hear me say this, “Roundup is good for my health”.

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