July/Aug Work

best vineWill it be enough? The above picture is perhaps the best looking vine I have in the vineyard. It is going through veraison and I think it is well balanced. I think this vine has 8 clusters. In order to get a ton of wine (enough for a barrel) I have to have 5000 good size clusters.

Unfortunately, many of the vines are small and they don’t have enough leaves for photosynthesis I fear. I hope they ripen with the rest of the vines, or I’ll have to either cut them off or pick them at another time

Turtle Vines has 3130 total vines. I had to start over 380 vines…..so I only have 2750. Of those, another 300 or so have very few cluster on them. So…..I have to average about 2 clusters per vine to get my barrel….and I have to have a little extra since wine in the barrel evaporates. Going to be close.

July 30 – 2 hours mowing, 1.5 hours pruning/walking for mildew, 2.5 hours chipping
July 31 – 2 hours spraying, 1 hour collecting grow tubes
Aug 2 – 2 hours spraying front and putting in anchors for living fence
Aug 6 – 3 hours picking out vineyard netting
Aug 7 – 1 hours tucking, 2.5 hours putting on highway stake protectors
Aug 8 – 1.5 hours leafing/laterals, 2 hours spraying Serenade and 5# kaligreen in 50 gallons, 2 hours mowing
Aug 9 – 1 hour killing wasps
Aug 10 – 1 hour killing wasps
Aug 11 – 1 hour with net folks

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