Shoot Positioning

c clipsAfter shoot thinning, shoot positioning is the next in a line of process steps to hopefully ensure that all the grapes ripen evenly in the vineyard.

Ideally you should position the shoots so they are at least 3” apart along the fruiting wire and not crossed with another shoot. This will allow uniform sun to each grape cluster for ripening later in the summer. Since we only have 4 shoots per vine and 40 inches between vines…..should be easy. However, since we I’m trying to do this ourselves, it will take time to adjust the canopy wires and attach the canopy clips, all 3200 of them.

Anyone care to take a walk in the vineyard in the next few weeks with me…..just show up around 9 AM for an unspoiled walk

The picture below left is of very healthy but unruly vines. On the right is after I have positioned the shoots and installed a “C” clip to hold the vines in place. Takes me about 20-30 seconds per vine, so about 20-30 hours and I’ll have the vineyard all set!


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