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Pruning – Part 2 Final Pruning

prune close up

So…I had pre-pruned the vineyard earlier to make it easier to see where to prune…and to delay my final pruning.  Above you can see for cane pruning you leave 2 healthy canes from the previous year and cut off all the rest.  Below you will see that the canes are shortened such that the canes when tied to the wires don’t touch.  It is hard to estimate, so normally I tie them to the wires and then trim one of the canes if I left them to long.

For me this year looks like my “wire will be full” (all of the vines have 2 canes to tie to the wire.  Hopefully we will have a good fruit set and a large quality harvest in 2016.

BTW…what is nice to see in 2016, six years after initial planting, is that the trunks are getting larger and we did a good job last year of keeping the correct canes during thinning in 2015 for use in 2015!  Hope that makes sense to all reading.  Basically, anything you do as far as pruning/thinning/spraying the previous year you get to see the results the next year.

pruned row

This picture shows the rows now pruned and ready to be tied.  I will remove the piles of canes in the next week and mow the grass so I can begin to catch gophers earlier this year before they get out of control!