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100% Solar Vineyard

solarAs some of you know, when we purchased our home almost 4 years ago, it came with 44 – 170w solar panels for a total of 7480w DC. Well, since we just permitted the apartment above the barn as a vacation rental and we plan on storing our wine in the barn which will require a new refrigeration unit in a few years, we starting looking at adding more solar. It turns out that the top roof on the barn is the ideal location for solar panel, but we can only fit 10 – 240w panels. So a local firm, Synergy Solar, is installing the system on Wednesday and our electric bill should be near $0 for 2012 !!! This will put us at 9880w DC of solar….enough for us, vacation renters and refrigeration.

When the system is up I’ll put a new picture up on the web.