Monthly Archives: November 2009

Irrigation, Drains and Gopher Control


As the end of the year approached, we needed to finish up some items before the rains hit. So, I got some help from Carmine Indindoli and his crew. We put in the gopher cage around the vineyard. It ended up being 1100 feet of wire that we put 3 feet into the ground with a foot sticking out. (so they don’t jump over the fence) At the same time we put in the basics of the irrigation system since we were using the same trench. Lastly, when it rained 4 inches last month we found that the driveways and house all drain to the same spot on the west end of the property. This caused a little erosion so we installed 5 drains along the edge of the field…..hope it works this winter!!!IMG_5693