Monthly Archives: November 2011

Septic Work

septic repairIt is a long story, but suffice it to say we needed to get a little septic work done. We have to pump our our system and also find and check all of our distribution lines. What fun…..I get to find out where all of our sh*t goes!!! Above and below you will find pictures of the work we did on Friday/Saturday and almost all of Monday and Tuesday. We found out that the system is OK but the 4th box was damaged, so I fixed it. In addition, I installed risers for the first 2 boxes so that I can easily turn the flow on/off to those leach lines.

Also, for November, all of my time will be spent on doing “weed prevention”……ie, mowing, hand weeding, weed whacking, mowing, laying weed cloth and covering it with mulch. Again….why did I give up my day job!

Nov 1 6.5 hours (septic and mowing)
Nov 3 6 hours prevention
Nov 7 4.5 hours weed prevention