Monthly Archives: February 2010

More Trips – No work yet!

P1010359February and March was a great time to head out of town and also have friends visit.

Early February we went to Minneapolis to visit Linda and her boyfriend Clint and his daughter Gitzi. We were there 6 wonderful days and got to play in the snow every day. We were lucky that it only got down to 15 degrees most night, which is very warm for there this time of year. They are all coming out for the Solstice and we can’t wait to see them!!!

In March a high school friend of mine, Renata Hanson, came down for a visit. It was the first time in years that we got to spend much time together. It was great to see her and also to have her get to know Joey. Of course we did the requisite wine tasting in Sonoma County! And she taught Joey her Granola recipe.P1010600
Next, we got dressed up and went out to the Oscars at Peter Lowells Restaurant here in Sebastopol. It was great fun and we won a chef coming to our house to prepare us dinner.P1010783
Next, old school friend of Joey’s whom I have gotten to know well also came out from New Jersey to escape the snow and rain. We relaxed at Bodega Head looking for whales, went wine tasting, tried to kill gophers….all that fun. Oh, and they also picked out the Don and Lynn Smith Vines where they will hang a picture of themselves so the vines will grow better! They are looking forward to the first harvest. P1010908