2013 Crop Estimate

morning side


In 2012 I estimated 1300 lbs of Pinot and we picked 1190 on our first harvest!  This year the vines are more mature and we should get roughly 60% of our eventual total, which would be 3 tons.  However, in walking the vineyard the east end is not as vigorous as the west end, so my guess is 2.75 tons.  This will make 193 cases of wine.

Let’s not forget our Sauvignon Blanc which has been getting rave reviews but is very limited.  My guess is we will get 4 cases of “Nonna’s Vineyard”

Lastly, given the warm spring with lack of rain, we will harvest early to mid-September.  I’m hoping September 21st as this is when our friends and relatives said they could come help!

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