Bud Break – Sauvignon Blanc…and plan for 2014

bud break sb

Bud break for our Sauvignon Blanc happened , March 25, 2014.  It is a week ahead of last year.  If you remember, due to the location of the very small Sauvignon Blanc vineyard, it does not get as much sun as the Pinot Noir.  Consequently we harvested these grapes 6 weeks after the Pinot Noir, at the end of October.  This year I will try and alter the vines so that we will pick in mid-September.  How you ask?  Normally each shoot will produce 2 grape bunches.  For the 29 vines near the house I will take off one of the bunches so the shoot will put all its energy into one bunch.  By the way, some vineyards in Napa do this to their Cabnernet to enhance flavor.  For the 5 new vines at the entrance of the Pinot vineyard, those get plenty of sun and I’ll leave 2 bunches.  I’m hoping this will both hasten ripening and also produce better wine.  I’m guessing we will get about 7 cases for 2014.  Follow along…and check back in September to see if this experiment works!

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