Freez’in Season in Russian River Valley

TV freezin season

From bud break until April 15th we all hold our collective breath here in Russian River Valley hoping that we won’t have a hard freeze that will damage our small shoots.  That would be very sad.  With not much rain since December 2012, the warm 2013 spring like weather and my decision to prune early, our first bud break was 3 weeks earlier than last year.  This time next week most of my vines will have small shoots that hold our crop for the fall. If I get a hard freeze, it will be a very small crop…hope for warm nights!

Pictured above was this mornings fog covering Turtle Vines.  So romantic and a welcome sight.  If you don’t know, if the sky is clear then it will be cold…but if we have fog it does not normally drop below 40 degrees.

Last night we went to San Francisco to see our Nephew’s showing of portraits at the Lexington Bar.  He had a great turn-out and we were very happy to see Cody and Andrea.  In addition, Joey took the picture below of the Golden Gate Bridge as the fog was rolling in the bay.  If you have never been there to see it, quite amazing!

golden gate fog



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