Pressing Grapes – Almost 7 Gallons of Pinot Noir

IMG_5441The grapes fermented for a week and on Saturday Oct 17th the hydrometer reading got to zero! We were ready to press and put the “wine” into a large 7 gallon carboy. Joey, Cody and I spent about 3 hours pressing, filtering, cleaning to get our first vintage ready. It will now sit in the carboy for about a month until it goes still, or stops the last bit of fermentation. During this period of time the sediment (lees) will fall to the bottom. We will then transfer this to a smaller containers 3 more times and take out the sediment so that we have clear wine. Of course, we will have to taste it to make sure it is OK and make sure it is good to bottle in about 6 months. In the next post I will detail the readings we took in case anyone is interested.

Below are some pictures we took along the way.IMG_5460 IMG_5441

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