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Big Red needs a little help !

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After returning from Minneapolis for Christmas 2 weeks ago, I was going to get some work done around the vineyard between rain storms.  However, my 2000 F250 decided it wanted a little pampering and maintenance.  After several ideas on what was wrong on my part, I had AAA tow it to a local service center.  Ends up the fuel pump failed.  I have read that they should last at least 10 years or 100,000 miles.  Since Big Red is 16 years old but only has a little over 80K miles, seems about right.  Just the $750 bill was not the way I wanted to start out the new year.

Now…you have to ask, when is it time for a replacement truck.  Given the truck is for the vineyard/winery only, has 4WD, running boards, a $3K lift gate on the back, tows 5 tons and is only driven 2,000 miles/yr…and a new one just like it is $36K without the lift…we should have it a long time (at least we hope)!

TRTLVNS license Plate Transferred


For those that don’t know it, we got in an accident 15 months ago…were T-Boned and my 15 year old C230 was totaled! We went back and forth whether to replace it with a Tesla/Audi/Mercedes/etc. or my favorite…a 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid which averages 50mpg both city and highway.

Eventually I decided I was a vineyard/winery person and now my regular car is my F250 XL (long bed with lift gate) I picked up used 3 years ago.  So naturally I moved my license plate over…just took a while.  So if you see a Big Red Truck in Wine Country with TRTLVNS for a license plate…honk.

Merc accident