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Thinning Fruit



We have about 2 weeks until the nets go up and we have a lot of work to do.  Last week we started thinning some fruit that I didn’t think would ripen in time and we will finish that in a few days.  Next, we will do a second pass to ensure the right amount of leaves have been removed to enhance the flavor of the grapes.  We also will tuck the vines in the wires one more time and spray with potassium bicarbonate to hopefully eliminate the possibility of bunch rot.  Then the nets go up and we stress the vines by reducing the water and hopefully mid September we have almost 4 tons of Pinot noir.

As soon as veraison is complete, I will take a pH reading on the grapes to see if the improvements we made last year helped to make the grapes more acidic.  Let’s hope as it will make wine making much easier.