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Wall, Gophers and Vegan Fertilizer

P1050053Yes….more work on the vineyard.

Feb 26 2.5 hours flaming
Feb 24 .75 weed whacking, 2.5 hours mowing

Some folks ask…..so is this all you do? Well, not quite. Since it is almost the spring, I have gotten out golfing 3 times, spread a little bark, built a retaining wall, done our taxes, started trapping for gophers, working out, etc…..you get the picture. In addition, I did learn that when you put pavers on the ground you need to put weed cloth down otherwise the sand will get washed away (see below)
Last but not least. I have been looking for Vegan fertilizer for the vineyard to “Juice” the plants. They do make it but it is 2.5x as expensive and not as good.

And Landscaping?

front demoIn the midst of getting the vineyard ready for planting, we decided to re-landscape the outside of the house. Right now we are tearing out the front porch and replacing it with a different design, installing retaining walls, moving plants, removing most of the grass that was left, adding fences and generally making the place very pretty for our 2nd Annual Summer Solstice Party. I’ve included just a few of the pictures so far from the front of the house. It will be nice when plants start to go in and not just disappear.