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Ready for Summer Solstice

P1060438We had our annual Summer Solstice party last weekend. It is our family Christmas since it is hard for all of us to get together in December.

I enlisted help from Clint and Linda to tie and cut the vines to 3’ so they start the process of growing trunks and getting set for next years first crop. They were a lot of help and we finished the first 20 rows of the vineyard in a little over an hour. Hopefully I’ll get some more help from Karina on Friday and Saturday!

Hopefully you can see that the vineyard is nicely mowed and weeded. Took a lot of work to get it looking nice for the party.

Summer Solstice

summer funInstead of having all the family meet at Christmas, we all decided we would meet in California this year for summer solstice. Linda came from NY and Vaughn/Karina/Xavier/Matisse drove down from Portland. In addition, almost all of Karina’s family was present for the event. It was a 2 day celebration of family!!! As you can see from the pictures below we also had a baby shower for Dane and Tara (they are expecting twins) and harvested our first garlic of the season. We hope this will become a family tradition to do this in the summer instead of at Christmas. It is easier to travel and there are many more things to do.