Tilling the land, false start

D8 tiresHad a little false start on tilling the land. After waiting for 2 1/2 weeks for the D8, our unfriendly neighbor decided that she would not let us use “her” road and also did not approve of our vineyard and would not allow us to start. So……after having this woman yell for 45 minutes we sent the truck away. It will be back on Wednesday with a sheriff to allow it on our land. What fun, but we did learn a lot about Sonoma County. It is a Right to Farm County…..so as long as you follow the right rules and get the right permits, you are free to farm your land. Also, all private roads are not alike. In order to be truly private you have to enforce rules….like limiting access which is not the case here. Lastly, apparently this neighbor did this before to the folks who built the house we now own 13 years ago. After some lawyer bills, she backed down and they were allowed to build.

So, will see how much fun we have when the tractor shows up again….can’t wait.

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