Vineyard Designate

gardener front label

We just received a case of “The Gardener” 2013 Pinot Noir  made from Turtle Vines grapes.

We sell excess grapes to Chris Condos and Suzanne Hagins, of Horse and Plow, and they make a Vineyard Designate wine.  This is a big honor in the wine business.  We like working with them,  because  as far as I know they only buy organic grapes.  This agrees with our principles!

We can’t wait until we open this bottle and compare it to our very own “Turtle Vines” 2013 Pinot Noir!  Of course, support Turtle Vines Winery first, but consider getting a bottle from “The Gardener” with our grapes as a second choice.

Gardener back label

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