Viticulture Classes

In order to grow grapes and make wine, you need to know a little about the business. I have not done this for many years but I’m going back to school (if I get signed up in the next few days). Santa Rosa Junior College has a Viticulture Program that is excellent. Many of the classes are out in the field so that you learn the trade here in wine country, what could be better than that! It will take me at least 3 years is my guess, but by then our grapes will be big enough to make wine….so it should be good timing. We are going to by certified organic, so all of this is good to know.

Requirements: Agricultural Computer Applications, Soil and Plant Nutrition, Integrated Pest Management, World Viticulture and Wine Styles, Viticulture: Fall Practices and Spring Practices, Basic Wine Grape Viticulture and Vineyard Management.

Electives: I have to take 2 classes of the 20 electives listed. I think one of them is wine tasting!

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