2012 Turtle Vines Sauvignon Blanc

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Sunday we bottled our 2012 Sauvignon Blanc! It is DELICIOUS !!!

If you have been following along, Joey has her vines in the front of the house that were planted in 2011. She gives them much love and they responded by producing fruit the second year, which is quite unusual.

We harvested the crop last fall and made wine. As an experiment we took one gallon and put it through malolactic fermentation and the other we did not.(we ended up with 20 half bottles) The one without malolactic fermentation was a classic Sauvignon Blanc, crisp and full of grapefruit flavor. The second one was smoother and the one Joey prefers, so this is how we will produce her wine this year.

If you get a chance to sample this wine, consider yourself lucky. We are hoping to get enough fruit for 4-5 cases this year, so there will be more to go around.

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