New Sauvignon blanc Vineyard

sb vineyardJoey is not a big fan of reds, so she wanted her own little vineyard with enough grapes for a few cases of white wine per year. So……instead of putting in useless but pretty plants in the front of the house we are about ready to plant 15-20 Sauvignon blanc vines. They should be ready to harvest in 2012. Since Sauvignon blanc is more vigorous, we should get about 10-15 pounds per plant instead of 3, so this should give her enough to drink for the year. We have decided to plant three clones……Clone 1 which is what New Zealand has…..Clone Musque which is what Merry Edwards Winery uses……and finally Clone 376 which is what Rochioli Winery uses. This blend should give us a balanced and not to citrusy wine, or so we hope.

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