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Joey’s Sauvignon blanc vineyard

joeys vineyardWith the help of our friends Don and Lynne Smith from New Jersey, we got Joey’s Sauvignon blanc vineyard all wired and set up for the season. It was sort of sad to cut off all the growth from last year, but she will get about 50 pounds of grapes this harvest and will get maybe a dozen bottles of wine that we will be drinking a year from now! I put below a picture of the vineyard last year and some pictures of the vineyard being set up this year.sb 7 16 11

Nature or Nurture


In vines as well as people there is a big debate about nature vs. nurture. Well in the case of Nona’s vineyard it is all nurture. The above picture is of the 29 Sauvignon blanc plants in the front yard. The picture below is of the “nursery” row (extra plants in case we need them) that are out in the vineyard. The ones in the vineyard are about 1.5’ tall and the ones by the house would be 5-6’ tall if I didn’t cut them. Amazing what a little weed cloth, bark and regular watering will do for plants!!!P1070092

Nonna’s White Wine

front vineyardTwo months ago we planted Sauvignon Blanc in the front yard. They started out as bench grafted root stock and now they are good looking plants! I think they grew faster than the Pinot noir in the back. These in the front will be trained as cordons…..as we think they look prettier in the winter. So…..looks like 2013 will be the first harvest for white wine, with a bottle available early in 2014, about the same time as the Pinot noir!!!

Also note that the front won’t have any weeds due to weed cloth and red bark. I wish I had that in the back……would save me a lot of time!!!

By the way…..Nonna is Italian for Grandmother in case you didn’t know.

Sauvignon Blanc comes to Turtle Vines

sb 7 3 11Yes, you have all been reading about the 3150 Pinot noir vines we have in the back yard. Well, we are adding a little variety to Turtle Vines. We are planting 29 Sauvignon Blanc vines in the front of the house. (29 is Joey’s lucky number and Sauvignon Blanc is her favorite wine.) When they reach maturity, it should give us 4 cases of wine to drink. We have the rebar and location of the plants set. On Tuesday we will plant these and get them off on a good start.

I will baby these this year with a lot of compost and fertilizer to see if I can get them caught up with the Pinor noir in the back. A challenge, but I think we are up to the task. If I can do it, we may even be able to get a few grapes in 2012 !!!

New Sauvignon blanc Vineyard

sb vineyardJoey is not a big fan of reds, so she wanted her own little vineyard with enough grapes for a few cases of white wine per year. So……instead of putting in useless but pretty plants in the front of the house we are about ready to plant 15-20 Sauvignon blanc vines. They should be ready to harvest in 2012. Since Sauvignon blanc is more vigorous, we should get about 10-15 pounds per plant instead of 3, so this should give her enough to drink for the year. We have decided to plant three clones……Clone 1 which is what New Zealand has…..Clone Musque which is what Merry Edwards Winery uses……and finally Clone 376 which is what Rochioli Winery uses. This blend should give us a balanced and not to citrusy wine, or so we hope.