New weed cloth method


P1080056So…..we did the previous 16 rows by cutting the weed cloth inside in 20 foot sections. To much work! Now, we purchased the weed cloth and then cut it in 1 foot sections and rolled it out in the vineyard and cut it in place. The only issue is that when I cut it (since the cost from the vendor was double the price) the plastic material melts. So, I have to cut fast and only use smaller rolls so this does not happen.

Work is now progressing on the vineyard weed project… is the work so far:

10/17 3 hours
10/18 5.5 hours
10/19 4 hours
10/20 4 hours
10/21 2 hours
10/24 2 hours
10/25 2 hours
10/26 2 hours
10/27 2 hours
10/29 2 hours
10/31 7 hours, hired hours – all for septic

Total 35.5 hours with and additional 7 hired.

Again……probably 150 hours to complete this project. I’ll probably hire some folks later in the year when I get the process set. (and I get tired of doing it!)

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