Weed cloth and mulch…..will see if it works by christmas

weed cloth 2So….last month I was trying several methods to get rid of weeds. Here is what I found out….raccoons like to look under cardboard…..some weeds grow through mulch…..mulch compresses and will hold up to mowing next to it…..cutting and laying weed cloth is a lot of work, but I hope will be worth it next year! The above picture is a before and after of applying the material and mulch. I think it looks fantastic and I’m hoping that it will look the same for many years to come.

Here is our process so far……cut the weed cloth into 1’ widths, cut to 20’ 4” (one section of the vineyard from highway stake to highway stake), cut 7” slits 40” apart so it will slide over the vines, slide them over the vines and adjust, put a little mulch on top to hold it down and then cover with mulch. My guess is for our 3150 vines that have 2 miles of vine rows it will take 300 hours and 100 yards of mulch at a cost of $3000….which does not include our labor. I think it is about a 1.5 year payback and the vines should grow better also! Will see how happy I am next year….

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