Sauvignon Blanc comes to Turtle Vines

sb 7 3 11Yes, you have all been reading about the 3150 Pinot noir vines we have in the back yard. Well, we are adding a little variety to Turtle Vines. We are planting 29 Sauvignon Blanc vines in the front of the house. (29 is Joey’s lucky number and Sauvignon Blanc is her favorite wine.) When they reach maturity, it should give us 4 cases of wine to drink. We have the rebar and location of the plants set. On Tuesday we will plant these and get them off on a good start.

I will baby these this year with a lot of compost and fertilizer to see if I can get them caught up with the Pinor noir in the back. A challenge, but I think we are up to the task. If I can do it, we may even be able to get a few grapes in 2012 !!!

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