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10 inches/week – Really!!!

10 inchesWow, last week I took a picture of “Lynne’s” wine and the longest shoot was 14” long. One week later the shoots have grown an amazing 10”, to 24”. Looks like I’ll have to start using my canopy wires in the next week or two to keep them under control. On a side note, most of the vines have around 3-4 grape clusters. If we get 3 per plant and they average 80 grams/cluster….we will get around 1500 lbs…..or around 50 cases. I hope that we get that much, if so would be 2 full barrels.

Here is some more work I’m doing. This next week I’m going to finish dis-budding the twins, cut down some big oak limbs, order fence gates, finish my small concrete wall and continue spraying. I feel tired already!

April 23 – 3 hours getting wood/posts
April 24 – 8 hours + 8 hours hired fixing gates, repairing outdoor pipes, pouring footings, digging roots
April 25 – 2 hours mowing
April 26 – 1 hour clean-up
April 27 – 2 hours spraying (14 gallons seranade/copper, 14 oz each)
April 28 – 2 hours dis-budding twins (~20% complete)
April 30 – 3 hours dis-budding twins and prep for tree work

May 1 – 8 hours tree work + 16 hours hired

Growing Fast

april growthI’m going to take pictures of one of the vines weekly to show how fast it grows. Amazing how fast all of the plants are growing now. The one in the picture has a shoot that is already 14” tall……now we just have to hope the growing season is mild and we don’t get any big rains during bloom.

I have chosen a vine that was picked 2 years ago by a friend of ours, Lynne. We will nurture this vine so that it will prosper and give her inspiration as she recovers from her second bout with breast cancer. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Nature or Nurture


In vines as well as people there is a big debate about nature vs. nurture. Well in the case of Nona’s vineyard it is all nurture. The above picture is of the 29 Sauvignon blanc plants in the front yard. The picture below is of the “nursery” row (extra plants in case we need them) that are out in the vineyard. The ones in the vineyard are about 1.5’ tall and the ones by the house would be 5-6’ tall if I didn’t cut them. Amazing what a little weed cloth, bark and regular watering will do for plants!!!P1070092