Wasps – OUCH!!!

ground waspsOn Saturday the 7th we had our annual family gathering. The kids were all in the area and all got stung. Matisse (above) who is 6 got stung 4 times. So, I get to my question…..do wasps have memories?

The spot they were stung is the same location I got stung 10 times 4 years ago when I was excavating a tree trunk. The wasps moved 15 feet to a hive in the vineyard and I boiled them last year. So…they like that location. After the kids all got stung, my friend and I flamed them…..scary, funny video…..wasps and wine don’t mix.


Yesterday I was near the spot where everyone got stung a few weeks ago and got stung 2 or 3 times on my calf, but I wasn’t messing with the hive. My calf and foot are now swollen to about double. Hope it goes down soon. I just wonder if they remembered me burning them and then hitting them with boiling water and excavating them? I guess I would be upset if someone did that to me.

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