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2014 Winemaking – What a year!

2014 pinot in room

What a year 2014 was for grapes.

– We picked 1.2 tons (75 cases worth) of Pinot Noir for our Turtle Vines label.  We are keeping the Pommard and 667 Clones seperate until bottling.  We may end of with 3 different kinds depending on how they age…one of each and then a blend.  We will know more in July when we taste/blend and bottle.
– We sold almost 2.6 tons of Pinot Noir to Horse and Plow Winery.
– We received a case of 2013 Pinot Noir from Horse and Plow from Turtle Vines Grapes.
– We picked 9 cases worth of Sauvignon Blanc and will bottle in April.
– We picked 4 cases worth of Merlot and will bottle in July.

Lastly, I took a 6 week winemaking class from Vinquiry which will help with my winemaking in 2015.
2014 Sauv Blanc

Grape Buyers – Horse and Plow Winery


Why do I have a picture of another winery in my blog post?  Well, we sold 75% of our grapes to Horse and Plow Winery in 2013 and the rest went into our Turtle Vines Pinot Noir.

As a grape grower, I want them to be successful so the love and labor we put into the grapes show in their winemaking.  I also want a great relationship with them as I hope it can turn into a long term partnership.  They live 1 mile from our house here in Sebastopol.  As a wine maker, this is the first year I can compare our winemaking style to an experienced and acclaimed winemaker.  I can tell you from tasting a bottle of Gardener 2011 Pinot Noir Carneros that it was was wonderful.    I hope the wine they made from our 2013 grapes is just as good.  FYI…Gardener is a sister brand of Horse and Plow.

Here are their bio’s…

Chris is a California native, but only 3 generations from Greece. His Grandfathers made wine, his Dad sold wine, and Chris does both! Chris studied Plant Ecology at SF State and Viticulture and Enology at UC Davis, before beginning his career at Pine Ridge Winery. He started Vinum Cellars in Oakville in 1997, which currently produces 30,000 cases of wine. He has also been the consulting winemaker for Kathryn Kennedy Winery since 1998. Chris’s past experiences, hard work and talent as a winemaker are evident in every bottle of Horse & Plow.

Suzanne was born in Savannah, Georgia. Her interest in wine developed while working in fine restaurants in Charleston, South Carolina. The mystery and romance of food and wine led her to France, and her first harvest at Comte Armand in Pommard. She moved to California in 2000, working at DeLoach, David Bruce and Goldeneye wineries. Suzanne had a small, pinot noir brand called Lutea for seven years, before starting the Gardener with Horse & Plow. Suzanne takes a sensory approach to winemaking, and strives to capture the more esoteric aspects of time and place in each vintage.

2013 Harvest – Turtle Vines Pinot Noir

Harvest 2013!

2012 was our first harvest, and we made wine with the 1190 pounds, which turned out great!

This year we picked 1037 pounds on Tuesday Sept. 10th just for us and our wine and sold the rest of the grapes.  The rest we picked on Wednesday Sept 11th.  Wilkinson Vineyard Management showed up at 10:15am with 13 pickers.  In 1 hour 45 minutes they finished the entire vineyard.  They ended up with a little over 2 tons, split 0.8 tons 667 Clone and 1.3 tons Pommard Clone that was delivered to Horse and Plow Winery. So…with both picks we harvested 2.6 tons!

Here is a picture of our truck and borrowed trailer delivering the grapes.


Awaiting the final weigh tag.


Joey harvesting for our wine.



Setting up the destemmer.



First punch down of grapes with 30 ppm sulfur before they get 5 days of cold soak.